[Community Puzzle] Cosmic Love

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Created by @UnicornP,validated by @Yatech,@Bastian971 and @Nagato_Uzumaki.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Hello! Could you tell me more about the last validator, “The Event Horizon”?
I’m passing all the tests but not the last validator. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe try to rewrite the inequation to have only products, no cubic root or divisions.

This puzzle is difficult to debug.
For the test “03 ### Hungry Alice” I find the planet “Nowhere_Planet” I guess it should be destroyed.
Here is what I find for “Nowhere_Planet”
Mass: 43900.0
Volume: 2.5815461672220965e+44
Rock Limit: 1675.6309796475005

Can you tell me if I’m already wrong here?

Thanks in advance

Radius is 4.39e04, mass is 3.95e14. Those are the numbers given to you as inputs.

Thank you, indeed a first mistake of carelessness.

This is what I get now for “CodinPlanet”:
Volume: 1760086704762.852
density: 524.405983808827
rock limit: 954194422929483.1
distance: 76200000000000.0

The rocklimit is greater than the distance to Alice, she seems to be destroyed.

Can you tell me what is wrong among “volume”, “density”, “rocklimit”?


Roche limit is wrong. You have used square root instead of cube root. Guess you do have to be more careful, again? :wink:

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Thank you very much, not always easy to follow everything well using Google Translate…

In the last test there are 2 entries (with different values for r,m,c) for planet GRB_34. Is that intentional?


Good catch! I’ve just amended the name for one of those entries on behalf of the author.