[Community Puzzle] Count as I count



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Created by @Magicien-d-oz,validated by @bbb000bbbyyy.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


You forgot 2 users who validated as well @CommunityBot


They don’t have forum accounts.

TBF, they barely have CG accounts at all: they only solve community puzzles in the exact same language as the puzzle author.

CG’s been notified last time already, but have apparently chosen not to act on it.


Thank you for the gentle reminder.

Indeed, those two accounts are fake accounts. I’ve tried to investigate and understand from which regular account they could come, without result for now.

I’ve removed their moderation rights. The approvals they’ve done can’t be easily undone though.


It seems I misunderstand the calculation logic behind this puzzle as I fail all test below 47.
For me the (bad) solutions are
45 : 38
46 : 17
47 : 7
48 : 3
49 : 1
50 : 1
What is the right solution for 45 and 46? Maybe that would help to see where do I go wrong…


45 -> 40, the rest is correct.


Thanks, this helped a lot. It turned out that my implementation of the “max-4-rounds” rule was faulty.