[Community Puzzle] Counting TicTacToe

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Created by @RezaSi,validated by @Wontonimo,@darkhorse64 and @trictrac.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

There is one very important thing missing from the statement. During a game, each player plays two matches with reversed colors in order to avoid the first player advantage and keep the game balanced. The final score is the sum of the points scored by each player during the two matches.

Therefore, a bot should be able to restart with a fresh state. For instance, if the number of available moves is 100 (resp. 99), you have a new game and you are the first (resp. second) player. I found this was the easiest way for a proper restart detection.

Edit: the statement has been updated


When a player has a row of 6 in his color, how many scores should be counted?
2 or 4?
It should be stated in the rule of game.

Yes, 4 points (every combination of 3 tiles counts)
The instructions are quite unclear indeed…
Also, let’s use this answer to clarify that the 100th move, if it’s an opponent move, is not printed (you can’t stdin it). The reasons for omitting all these details are very unclear to me.


Welp, the mirrored games were added later and everyone (including approvers :v) forgot about the statement.