[Community Puzzle] Dev friends


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Created by @Edjy,validated by @ShaxoLudo,@FDA44 and @EliteDaMyth.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Good puzzle but it would benefit from some additional work.
The description should specify that coders must have all of their styles to be a match (you get it by yourself, but it should still be clarified).
Some traits are underused, the ‘//’ comments are only used once marginally, 5# is never tested, and so on. More tests would be welcome.


I think it’s already specified in the constraints:

Then he will be the author only if each of his tics matches the code

And agree about tests, they are too limited.

Rule “5#” exists neither in the tests nor in the validators…and that was approved…seriously ???

To validators : Have you at least coded and tested a solution? Or did you just click “approve” button to complete a step of the quest map, honestly ??? When you code to test (I doubt it is the case here), check at least that the tests and validators are consistent with the statement…else your approvement is just nonsense!