[Community Puzzle] Dice galaxy



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Created by @field3,validated by @bbb000bbbyyy,@Deltaspace and @Ellain.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


My only issue is: how on earth could this have been approved? Have you even read the statement?!

I solved this as a reverse clash, and I disapprove of this style of writing for puzzles.

It appears I’m the sole codingamer to have solved it at time of writing. Did approvers not even bother to write up s olution of their own?


@bbb000bbbyyy @Deltaspace @Ellain

I’m also curious to know your feelings regarding the statement.
Can you share with me in PM your solutions to the puzzle? (As approvers, you should have a solution of your own)

(I’ll contact the approvers by email too)


I don’t understand all the fuss about this puzzle. The statement is clear to me (not perfect sentences I give you that) and I actually find the problem at hand quite interesting.
By the way, I never approve a contribution until I build a working solution. And I can see that already 8 codingamers solved the puzzle.
I implemented a dedicated class to fold the 2D pattern into a 3D dice using advanced trigonometry.
About the contribution’s comments section: I don’t comment unless I have a question or a remark, for example when I spot an error with a test / validator.


Just a small remark: As far as I know, this puzzle was supposed to be the second in a series (the third is still currently pending). The first one (“Dice universe” or something like that) has not been accepted (most likely moved back to drafts by the author). The statement is much easier to understand with the first puzzle in mind.


Maybe the statement can be more clear, but it will be less interesting.
First, we already know that it’s about the dice “…6 must be arranged according to the dice law.” and what we supposed to do. That is we know that it’s about the dice cube(6 sides of the cube) and we should arrange “6”. But we still have a question what “dice law” means and with that line “When the net is made into a cube, “6” is placed on the opposite side of “1”.” it became clear. In addition to it, we have an example that makes it clearer. Other lines just clarify implementation.

My solution: (UPD: 4 days have passed, so I erased it, cause it shouldn’t be there).
(Gues my English not the best, sorry for it).