[Community Puzzle] Die Handedness

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Created by @tuna_in_cream,validated by @selenae,@UnicornP and @whywhy1.
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In custom tests (test > send to IDE), in python there is no whitespace in front in first line of inputs

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There is something I don’t get with this puzzle…
All left-handed dice are, in my opinon, right-handed.
And vice-versa.
I even did a proto in Unity that builds a die given an input, and for the 3rd test, which is for the record:
supposed to be left-handed, this is what I can see by rotating around the die:
This is right-handed, right?
Or maybe it is my way of reading it that is wrong? I’m always reading from 1 to 3, but maybe I’m missing something here, maybe the order of reading is not what I think.
Thanks for you answers! :slight_smile:

It depends if you wrap it toward the back or toward the front.
In this puzzle it’s wrapped toward the back (‘behind’ the screen).

Oh so you mean in my example:

the 5 is actually the front, the 4 is the top, the 4 is the bottom, the 6 the left, the 1 the right and the 2 the back?
EDIT: solved! thank you :slight_smile: