[Community Puzzle] Dolbear's Law



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Created by @Eldoir,validated by @Deltaspace,@bbb000bbbyyy and @BenjaminUrquhart.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


Hi, @Eldoir

I’ve 2 problems :

  • The first test where the answers are 14.9 and 14.9 => With my code I found 14.9 and 14.4 !! Strange because all other tests are ok ?

  • Second , on submission I don’t pass the “Winter is coming” test ? Is there something special with that one ?




Hi @PhilippeBordmann,
For your first point, since you talk about the “test”, then you know the inputs: it’s probably your solution that isn’t 100% right?
For your second point, I guess you talk about the “validator” because you say “on submission”: then you don’t know the inputs, and I understand how frustrating it is.
If I were you, I would first try to pass all the tests before questioning the validators: you probably got something wrong with your solution.
You can pm me if you want to show me your solution, and maybe I’ll be able to give you a hint about what’s wrong.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Have you seen the PM I’ve send ?



No i didn’t see it, sorry!
I answer you right now. :slight_smile: