[Community Puzzle] Drawing Polygons

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My program does not pass the third extra test but I do not understand what it is about.
Somebody can help me?

What do you mean by “extra”? The grader one?

Private message me the error you get and/or your solution if you’re still in the woods.

I mean the test that run after you have solved the solution, after the submit (not those that run while you are developing)

He means the validator number 3 (not the test case 3). I have the same problem. Can you help us?

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Sure. I tried to contact @giganoide privately, to no avail. PM me if you’re still in the woods, I’ll need to look at the code.

@Bonnie1 yes, I mean the validator number 3
@polettix I PM you

Can some explain what this question is about? I can’t understand how there is a difference if the polygon is drawn clockwise or counterclockwise.

@VasilisTheodorou, here is a good explanation …