[Community Puzzle] Dungeon 3D

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Created by @java_coffee_cup,validated by @Konstant,@darkhorse64 and @ggrn.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

@java_coffee_cup there is a comma instead of a period in multi-path 2, 2nd level in, 3rd line from bottom of level

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Have it fixed. Thank you.


I pass all the tests and validators except validator 8 and I’m a bit lost as to why… Is there something special about this one ?

This map is similar to the test case. Relatively there are more open spaces. Perhaps you have to check will some more spaces cause timeout/memory-out in your program.

I ran a few tests and I don’t think the issue is a timeout, even though I don’t see what else it could be…
Thanks anyway

great puzzle !! ;o)

But seems im in dead end ;o( becouse:
I have all passing test cases but #06: 13’s Cube with result:

Found: 57
Expected: 95

(so is possible that my code found shorther path? or its for sure bug in my code?)

But when i submited my code, i got error @
#01: Example Validator
#08: Multi2 Validator
but “problematic” #06: 13’s Cube Validator is green.

I really don’t know what to do more. Is there any way how to get some additional debug/test info or is possible to review these test cases?

Thanks in advance for any reply and/or advice @java_coffee_cup .
Have a nice day.

Found it :man_facepalming: !
Sorry for bothering :wink:

Great to have found the problem by your own effort. :sunny:
If possible you can share the kind of issue so that others may have an extra point to pay attention with.


Glad to. Its combination of two “edge” cases.

  1. This puzzle in compere with many others do not contain “boxing” wall around inputed space:




  1. In PHP lets have array:

$var = [ ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’];


$var[ -1 ]

is undefined.
But in case of string:

$var = ‘ABCD’;

array access style to this string, again:

$var[ -1 ]

will return “D” → last character from string (similar to substr() behavior).

So i accidentally created magically rounded flat space, where in following example is possible to move from [0][2][z] to the LEFT to position [3][2][z].


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Just create the box. That’s what I did.

Yeah, also possible.
I added condition for “X” axis (Y,Z was fine).

if( X < 0 ) skip…

Hi there, I’m somewhat of a beginner at this platform, and this is my first medium puzzle I try to complete, and I’ve tried it because I’m learning about A* algorithm, and Graph Traversal algorithms, at the University, and this seemed like a good puzzle for practicing both things. I cannot pass tests 6,7 and 8, because my program doesn’t find any path. Is there some specific “traps” in these tests, that can make this happen? If not, is there anyway that someone can help me find the errors on my thought process? Because I’ve checked my code for some hours now, and checked my thought process, and I cannot find my errors. It may be because of sleepyness, or just because of me being a noob! xD

A* is a bit too complicated for this puzzle.
Try BFS, it’s enough.


Thank you, I will try it. :slight_smile: Will say, if I get stuck again!

Just to let you know, that like you suggested, I’ve done the BFS way, and now it’s done. Also changed from C to Python just to practice, and I think it helped a little xD
Thanks man.

Hi. Also having issues with Multi2 Validator. Headed your advice and took TestCase Multi-Path 2 and made bunch of empty spaces into it. Yet, no timeouts. Any ideas? All other validators are ok.

I couln’t understand what is considered “scape” in the question.

When do A and S are considered free of danger? in which cell?

Not quite understand your question.

There is no word “scape” in the puzzle.
Similarly, the statement did not mention A, S, or any other cells are in danger, or not in danger.
It did mention the team can walk through the cells in a constant speed. The shorter the path, the faster they can reach the target.

Ok, forget the word “scape”, I couldn’t understand what is condsidered a target. Is it a specific point (x,y)?