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Created by @TataMaso,validated by @6po,@DaniilChizhesvkij and @bbb000bbbyyy.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Nice puzzle but I’m stuck on inter ranking.
I think there must be something I don’t understand because my code fails on ERCC 2016/2017, finding Montpellier Herault Rugby instead of Rugby Club Toulonnais on 8th place, and on the CHALLENGE CUP 2018/2019 (last validator).
Currently I compare the ranking in their pool (first place, second, place, …), then I compare their number of ranking points and then the total game points difference (each time, only if the previous one is equal).
If someone could clarify this to me, that would be great.

I was mislead by innerpool ranking rules. I think that the statement is incomplete. It should contain the line:
“The team with the greatest number of ranking-points (including bonus points) that are recalculated for only games involving tied teams.”

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My code fails on the last validator (the hidden validator after submission), but I’m pretty sure for the intra-pool ranking rule, you should compare the game points only from the tied teams when they have the same ranking points.

Yeah that’s it, but there is a way to avoid re-calculation.