[Community Puzzle] Fax machine

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Created by @Wontonimo,validated by @BugKiller_328,@Bon_Crayon and @LazyMammal.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

More explanation of the example fax:

10 10 4

produces 10 black, then 10 white, then 4 black.
Because the picture is 8x3, the first 10 black cannot all fit in the first line. Only 8 fit, and so that is why we see 8 “"(black) in the top row, then 2 "”(black) in the second row.

|**      |
|    ****|

Same with the 10 white. Only 6 " "(white) can fit on the second row, so we see the remaining 4 " "(white) on the next row. Finally out of the “10 10 4” is the 4 black. We see that the last 4 characters in the last line are 4 “*”(black)

Hello Wontonimo,

This puzzle is very nice to learn.
I could solve it in java and translate in c++ !

Merci beaucoup !

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Enjoyable to do, thank you!