[Community Puzzle] Fill the square!

The part describing the state change is quite logical and easy to understand.
But i have no idea what output is expected or how the given example solves that problem

Is it really
touch LEFT in ROW 0
touch RIGHT in ROW 1
touch LEFT in ROW 2
in a not given order, because if i do that in exactly this order there won’t be all LEDs glowing in the end …

Order doesn’t matter in this puzzle, and yes, those steps actually will solve the given problem. Play with it a bit here:


You can create your own puzzle by clicking the Edit button, then you can play it by clicking the Play button.

Try setting it up like:


Then try touching these spots (in any order):


You will find that it does, indeed, solve the puzzle.

  • danBhentschel
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Note. The above link no longer works. You can still find the link in the Waybak Machine, though:


The EDIT button is obscured by the banner at the top of the page. Click the X to close the banner, and then you can edit the puzzle. This is a good way to test solutions to this puzzle.

  • danBhentschel