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Created by @trictrac,validated by @leojean890,@LeRenard and @jacek1.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Pourquoi donner 12 indices au début alors que dans le jeu Hanabi il n’y en a que 8 ?

Salut VilBoub,
12 indices au lieu de 8 :
C’est pour faciliter un peu le travail des bots et ainsi tenter d’avoir plus de feux complets.
Cela permet aussi d’avoir moins de dépendance au tirage aléatoire de l’ordre des cartes dans la pioche.

Une des difficultés du jeu Hanabi est de se rappeler des indices fourni par les autres joueurs au fu et à mesure de la partie… Avec un bot, la gestion de la mémoire c’est beaucoup plus facile ! C’est pour ça que je suis étonné que tu le rende encore pus facile !
Peut-être pourrais-tu mettre moins d’indices sur une ligue supérieure ?

Salut VilBoub,
Pour l’instant avec les bots actuels, il n’a y quasiment pas de 5 x 5. Avec 12 indices, je voulais éviter aux bots de jeter des cartes sans info très tôt dans la partie.
Effectivement, une ligue avec moins d’indice peut être envisagée. A voir quand il y aura en tête des bots parfaits avec 12 indices.

Pour moi, le 5x5 sera difficilement atteignable, vu le système de points. Je m’explique : dans le vrai jeu, c’est réellement du coop, où tout le monde gagne ou perd. On prend parfois le risque de jouer une carte au pif, parce que ça peut fonctionner, et on ne va pas défausser une carte qui devrait pouvoir servir.
Là j’ai modifié mon algo pour ne jamais jouer de carte au pif, mais plutôt défausser au pif, vu que c’est moins pénalisant…

Et je ne sais pas s’il y a un point que je n’ai pas compris, mais j’ai galéré sur les fins de pioche pour savoir à quelle position ma main était vide

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Why is it not rewarding me 35 points too on the first round? :confused:

Green and Yellow are swapped between statement and viewer.

Hello AntiSquid, if you are the guy who make a mistake (false move or fourth bad proposal of a card) in the team during the round, you earned 0 point. You are at the origine of the stop of the game !

what does bad proposal even mean? i am just revealing the information

You are at the origine of the stop of the game !

i draw the last card you mean? i shouldn’t be punished for that

I just rechecked replay. There’s just 1 single error at the start for play. Rest is discard. This is nonsensical. I should get points rewarded for the first round.

I haven’t seen the replay before. You make a mistable @ the last round : because you say “DISCARD A” and A is no more possible in your hand. Because there is no more available card and your previous play was also “DISCARD A”. So no more “A” in your hand. It’s a mistake so you are punished doing a bad action. The game is stopped and you earn 0.

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That does explain the issue.

Would be better if the game would tell you a hand is empty.

And it would be even better if the game would tell you your id.

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Fun spoiler ahead

frame 184

I am told that card B (#2 in hand) is a 1!
I play it because it’s the only 1 in my hand. Normally this is ok in real life, you make a mistake you use up one of the fuses in hanabi. It could have been 1-WHITE!
Here i get an ERROR and a point deducted.

The game has 3 errors (fuses) you can use. If points get deducted for taking risks for a chance to increase score then they are pretty much useless.

I am suggesting to @trictrac to stop deducting a point for this and thus make uses of errors (fuse) acceptable. At least for the top league no point should be deducted.

The alternative is to change statement and then everyone will try and exploit this by trying to fool others who are willing to take risks. It makes the game less cooperative. I brought it up since it’s annoying. It gives too much away so wanted to ask tric first.

He doesn’t know what course of action is best and wants other people’s feedback on it.

I’m with AntiSquid suggestion.

Unless it’s the 3rd error that gets used. That ends the round right there! That is bad indeed. But 1st and 2nd errors?

But then late game on last round it’s still worth some times to take the risk even on 3rd error.

i would say it depends on meta, not sure that such off-meta info is beneficial for the actor
anyway i might accept a 0-1-2 penalty instead of 1-1-1

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If the 3 fuses rule is part of the original rules, it means it has already been validated by game creators. So I have no issue with such a change (apart from the needed bot overhaul :sweat_smile:). I would not give any penalty for errors.

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Game updated in the upper league. No penalty for bad PLAY.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

But it’s not really bad play
It’s calculated risk hahaha

Apparently it’s an invalid move to discard a card when none are remaining in the pile. I did not see this mentioned in the rules, did I miss it?

EDIT: my mistake was discarding an empty card