[Community Puzzle] Furlongs per Fortnight

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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @Rafarafa,@refa and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Very nice little (and fast) clash of code…some of us had fun adding constraints to ourselves by writing very very long, useless and crappy code to try to exceed the 5 minutes of code writing, to get the impression that it is maybe a puzzle (those horribles solutions are published).

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You’re exaggerating, it took me a long time to write my solution, with all the subtleties. It was a very good puzzle, but I would have rated it medium.


This seems to be so divisive… I have 5 “loved it” and 5 “hated it” ratings.
So interesting.

I hope people realize I didn’t invent the imperial system. I’m just a victim of it myself :upside_down_face:

Maybe a small hate group found your puzzle. It happens sometimes.
No worry, it has nothing to do with your work. At least you caused some shallow pleasure to some by letting them push the 1-star button.


So, if I follow your thinking, a 1-star, and all the more so, many of them, is more likely an act of free hate, than the reflect of a real opinion that should be taken into consideration? Interesting…

I for one totally support groups of French guys giving 1-star ratings to puzzles made by brave American genius heroes. That’s why we won all those wars for them, to preserve those rights.

The only thing that itches me is that it’s a simpler version of one of my puzzles.

Oh, I forgot: as far as I know, French guys, with Spaniards, saved Americans’ asses.

:popcorn: :rofl:
I didn’t have any pleasure to push the one-star buttons. It was much more funny to write a 300 lines solution (in c++), to be readable, since the easy puzzles are too difficult to be clashes.

I don’t understand why Test 12 in Validator fails.

Send me your solution in private, I’ll send back what’s wrong.