[Community Puzzle] GDQ - Binary Coded Decimal Clock - Puzzle discussion

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Created by @Yohoki,validated by @Eulero314,@DeanTheMachine and @Stephen.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I really don’t get it why someone hits the 3rd approve button when there are unresolved comments about the statement…

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Some people think their quest map is more important than the unresolved comments.

It’s a CoC, not a puzzle.


I did go ahead and fix those issues. Was not aware that the milliseconds was a deal breaker for some. I’ve worded it more appropriately now.

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I disagree. I feel that most of the CoC focus on a single facet and it’s about learning to do that one thing quickly and efficiently. This requires a few steps to complete, hence why I’ve made it a puzzle. It’s a simple one and easy, but still a bit more complex than I would want to see in a CoC. I would have rather made it a game so that we can see the timer in real-time. But that’s beyond my skill right now.

Not to mention, I read pretty slow… People would be turning in their code before I was done reading the instructions if it was a CoC. XD

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I solved it in three lines in Python.