[Community Puzzle] Hidden Messages In Images


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Created by @AndreMarasca,validated by @Wontonimo,@milosMATRIXrepic and @Xophe.
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Too easy, should be a clash.

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I agree it’s of one the easiest on the platform but, well, why not.
Makes a good puzzle for beginners, and a good one to translate in different languages that you want to learn.

It does seem to be popular. Maybe all clashes should be copied into a new ‘very easy’ puzzle category? You see lots of complaints from new users on the chat about ‘easy’ puzzles being too difficult.


“bit shifting” would be a good tag here, even if it doesn’t seem very popular (at least in java solutions).

I don’t know about how easy it is, but i like the concept, i didn’t know about hiding messages in pictures, i will definitively dig on it on the web. Thanks for the puzzle !

It’s called steganography.
You can hide data in the header or in the least significant bit of a byte.

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And you can find challenges using it in many CTF events and hack-me-style sites


Wow, this was very thought provoking and makes me want to look at data in a completely different way! Excellent exercise, truly thoughtful and probably good for a whole community!