[Community Puzzle] Holey Times

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Created by @nicola,validated by @DollarAkshay,@TylerDurden and @Fwcode.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

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J’ai passé tous les tests (même le 8) mais le validateur 8 ne passe pas (surement à cause du temps : je teste les 900*900 possibilités). J’aurais voulu être sur que c’est faisable en Python (il n’y a pour l’instant pas de solution dans ce langage)

There are 3 solutions in Python so don’t worry about that.

There’s a null partial result, that’s probably where your problem comes from.
If a partial result is 0, you can assume that it will be written with exactly two 0s (first I thought that the number of 0s in a null partial result should match the length of the first operand but no, it’s always 00).

I think he intended it to match the position of the 0 in the second operand. So 25x7033 would have 000.

Thank you, I succeeded. Indeed it only needed two 0s.

Makes more sense indeed.
So it means 0 for first partial result, then 00, then 000 etc.

I think the real constraints (max 3 digits operands, apparently) should be stated in the text, not guessed by reading the test cases. It seems to me that many solutions would timeout with 4 digits (let alone 5)…