[Community Puzzle] How many triangles and rectangles?

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Created by @VilBoub,validated by @DeWitt,@_O-MEGA and @Timinator.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Why is this shape not treated as a rectangle?


I agree that here it seems to be just a rhombus, but only because the char display height differs from the width. In a trully proportional ascii terminal this would be a rectangle.
Maybe an extra clarification in the statement would be beneficial.

Great question. This is a rectangle. I see no reason to prohibit such a position of the rectangle on the plane. Looks like a puzzle bug.

If and only if the characters are squares but they are not squares.

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…that depends on your machine or settings. Here is the above example on a C64 :slight_smile:

But I am not arguing anymore, I solved this puzzle and it is OK for me. I merely suggested a clarification and not silently assuming tall char grids.

Update :


I understand the confusion created with my other puzzle “Identify a simple shape” in which there are rectangles with diagonal sides…
But in this one I had put a space between each point so that the grid was square!