[Community Puzzle] Indented to XML-like

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Created by @Risodu,validated by @jordan_codingame,@MasterOogway and @Zeffar.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I would not recommend this puzzle to students because it is potentially influencing them to believe “anything adding angle brackets will become xml”. WTF


Dunno if this should have been approved in the first place. Some test cases (even if close to reality) do not make sense genericity-wise (like having to hardcode “link” for example)

Is hardcode needed? My solution doesn’t contain the hardcode you mention.

It’ll be deleted soon. I’m not sure the exact criteria the mod bot uses, but I think at 20 votes it will be removed.

Actually no, sorry about that, i missed some element of the problem. But in all honesty I’m still looking for the reason why this puzzle is classified as Medium, difficulty and interest-wise.