[Community Puzzle] Interstellar

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Created by @CrystallineCore,validated by @Timinator,@Rafarafa and @DeanTheMachine.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


I see that I’m the first to talk on this puzzle.
The format handling is quite special anyhow it is a nice exercice.
I was able to get all tests ok but validators 7 and 10 are failing, any indication of their specificities versus tests?

Thanks !

Validators 7 and 10 deal with partial input, very much like their test counterparts. If test 7 is:


Direction: i+k
Distance: 1.41

Try if your code gives the expected result for:





Validator 10 covers the same idea but with only two coordinates instead of one, similar to test 10.

I have most stuff working, but when I submit 1, 7, 8 & 10 fail. It seems like all the parsing and formatting is correct. Is there anyway to get some opinions on my code for what I might be missing?

If you fail Validator 7 & 10 there is a high chance that you are not properly dealing with:

  1. The sign before the first component of directional vector is omitted if it is positive.

I suggest trying these handmade testcases:

Direction: i+j
Distance: 1.41
Direction: k
Distance: 2.0

and similar tests that you can find yourself.

Maybe @CrystallineCore could consider adding a couple more testcases like those to help with the debugging?

Thank you, your test cases help a great deal. I created a bunch for myself as well all of them are passing, but the Test 1 & 8 are still failing when I submit. Does anyone have some test cases I can use to find the issue?

It seems that Validator 1 & 8 are the only ones where the three coordinates are negative, maybe that could be the issue? Try something like:

Direction: -i-j-k
Distance: 5.2