[Community Puzzle] IPv6 Shortener


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Created by @Toby75,validated by @Wontonimo,@codybumba and @AndreMarasca.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

It’s fun. Now reversed task :slight_smile:

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Perhaps a problem with the “Multiple zero” test case

In fact, with the IDE test you can have all tests OK if you remove only the sequence of “0000” with length>1

It is only the validator that tests the case of two sequence of “0000” with length>1

No tested case : two sequence of “0000” with length=2

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While reviewing solutions I found cases where the solution doesn’t always work, my own included at the time. Most of the time it was about leading or ending 0000 block, single or multiple.

When testing all solutions with the two ip bellow and corresponding result, all fails except for Coding_4_Fun, JeZzElLutin, geoffroy.
‘0000:0000:0100:0000:0000:0004:aaaa:0000’ > ‘::100:0:0:4:aaaa:0’
‘0000:aaaa:a000:0000:000a:0030:0000:0000’ > ‘0:aaaa:a000:0:a:30::’

I dont know if I missing something here, like not having the good corresponding compressed ip, or not properly testing solutions.
Hope this will help.

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Added new test cases and validators in view of the comments from @Zorg1 and @Luciole above. Thanks both for pointing out the issue.