[Community Puzzle] Knights Jam


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Created by @Niako,validated by @JBM,@bbb000bbbyyy and @dwarfie.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Looks like that it is another breed of 3x3 sliding puzzle. Nice.

Please help me to understand the puzzle. If any number can jump to the empty cell, how can be unreachable the order from any setting?

@DarvasKristof The valid moves have to be chess knight moves to the empty square.

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Why is test case #7 unreachable, it’s reachable in one move if following chess rules right ?

Which one move would that be?

my bad, I parsed it wrong. I thought there only needed to be an empty spot on the correct place and the numbers were irrelevant.

I’m quite new on CodinGame and a bit puzzled regarding Validators. Are they specific to each puzzle or a set to check general coding rules?
Besides that, I’m surprised to get only “Ok/Ko” results without any message telling what’s wrong. If you don’t know what’s incorrect, how could you get a chance to fix it?
Is there something I missed (I searched for validator in forum but didn’t get anything helpful for me)?
What is the purpose of those validators?

@Anton-Roneo Validators are hidden testcases that are used to validate your submission. Each public test (that you can see in the IDE) has a corresponding validator which is supposed to be of the same “complexity” and to cover the same “kind” of case. Ideally, when you pass all tests, you pass all validators. But sometimes a code with small mistakes can pass all tests and fail at one of two validators (or the opposite).

If you pass all tests but fail at some validators of the Knight Jam puzzle, then you can send me your code in PM, I’ll have a look at it.


backtrack works correctly

I simply dumped the solution, and it took me less then 100 lines. Not good.for a problem.

@Natalka1122 It can indeed be hardcoded, even though it’s not very interesting to do so, and the way you did it still requires some insights into the puzzle. But it was initially intended as a Clash of Code, then resubmitted as an easy puzzle, then moved to medium as it was considered a bit too hard for beginners, so, yeah…

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Yeah, to write my code I had to write another program that explored the problem and finally it turned out - generated my solution =)

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