[Community Puzzle] Langton s Ant


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Created by @M_C,validated by @jolindien,@field3 and @Bibou.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Hello, I would like to point out the fact that Player 2 seems to have a big advantage since he has the last move, and therefore almost always ends up winning. I think either the games should be mirrored, so each player gets a game as p1 and a game as p2, or the moves should be simultaneous.


Hi, i think Hoyer seems to be right. Do you have the stats of win/loss for 1st/2nd player.
Can you accpet that the last move (or all) is (are) played at “x” manathan distance of the center of the map?

Thx for the contest. It is really fun!

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Hello ! Thank you for this puzzle ! I like it much much !!!

Why are there only wood leagues, for 25 points ? It is much harder than easy training puzzles, that are 50 points I think !
I’m afraid people won’t work on this wonderful puzzle if they can get only 25 points each league !

Thank you again for this puzzle !

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100% agree with you !

I get compilation/execution error #510 message when I try to play the game.

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This was also happening to me (from a few days prior to the contest onwards)

Now I get error #73. It was fine yesterday.


Normaly, it’s fixed. Thank you.

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Hi @M_C, thanks for the game.

It seems that since the two match modification the points are not rewarded to the players any more when the turtle goes out of the map. Sometimes it is a good strategy to push the turtle out the map to avoid loosing more points.
In this example yellow player would have done a good score during the second match but it is not rewarded: https://www.codingame.com/replay/380576620

Oh finally I guess it is a little bug in the referee: the turtle goes out of the map during match #1 and the state is not re-initialized at the start of match #2. So the turtle won’t move during match #2.

Oups. Why did I say “turtle” ? It’s an ant.

https://www.codingame.com/… The last game is never played?

Realized it’s the same as @EricSMSO talks about. Any ETA on fixing?

Hi, when playing the first round as the first player, I don’t get the last opponent move on input. Is that right? There are values -2 instead. Or am I missing something?