[Community puzzle] Laser and mirrors

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Good puzzle, but step 5 gives me the wrong result after submitting. Any idea what the numbers are? For low numbers everything works fine.

i think youve got a logical mistake in your code

Hi guys, good puzzle, I passed all test cases, but validator 06 fails after submitting. Is there any hint? condition I’m not aware?
I was thinking that maybe my numbers were overflowing, but in python it seems unlikely. Testing it with 10^5 vs 10^5-1 works fine to me.

hi.step 2 and 5 also wrong results. I dont know what do
Can someone help?

I found the error, an example that did not work was:

(15, 20) -> (“C”, 60)

What is the size of the rectangle? Do you mean “area”?

I think it means “dimensions” because you are given both dimensions U and V (length and width)

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