[Community Puzzle] Let's Go To The Cinema!



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Created by @TBali,validated by @bbb000bbbyyy,@sammck and @java_coffee_cup.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


Can anyone give me tips, what should I test my program with, if I only fail Bigger cinema testcase/validator? The data there is too big for me to manually check the partial results. I pass every other test and validation.

In the Bigger cinema testcase my program gives “66 2040”, and the result should be “66 2043”.


Hi, Your solution is so close to the right one, that it might be some obscure edge cases.
To help, I uploaded the correct seating after running test case 08 (big cinema) here:
In this textfile the numbers show for each seat, which group the occupant is coming from.
I suggest to create similar error log from your code and compare results.


Thanks, this helped a lot. I shifted left until the end and I only tried shifting right after this failed to find enough empty seats; instead of 1 left 1 right.