[Community Puzzle] Logically reasonable inequalities


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Created by @dhaunac,validated by @Randrian,@Djoums and @GenesisQ.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

need to ask because I passed all testcases and most validators but validators 3. can someone please show some hints about validators 3? I think I must lose some points which I never mention about.

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I’ve written you a private message.

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Same issue for me as Doniface. I can pass test 3 but not validator 3 (I am assuming they are related like usual); any hint would be much appreciated.

Validator 3 actually has more inequalities to deal with than test 3. I’ve sent you a pm.


Thanks. That explains a lot. It’s probably why I can pass the tests but not Validator 3 – it’s nearly twice as long as the longest test. So you can get through the tests with little optimization but that’d be impossible on the validator. My suggestion would be to add a test equally long.