[Community Puzzle] Lost astronaut

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Created by @ATmax,validated by @Kktus,@Miki09 and @Dyd.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I guess due to some ambiguity the last validator check fails.

Testcase 7 contains β€œ117” which is β€œO” in octal and β€œu” in decimal. The test case reference result contains β€œO”.
I β€œfixed” the test case by checking octal before decimal. But this seems to be wrong.

console.error(String.fromCharCode(parseInt(β€˜117’, 8))) // β†’ O
console.error(String.fromCharCode(parseInt(β€˜117’))) // β†’ u

I check first hexadecimal then octal, decimal, binary.

What hint did I overlook to resolve such ambiguities? I don’t find one. :frowning:
Are uppercase letters prior to lowercase letters?

The statement says

some letters are converted to binary, octal, or hexadecimal randomly.

No letter is converted to decimal.

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Oh my god! How could I miss this. :crazy_face: Thx

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Just as a comment. Validator test 7 fails when checking hex β†’ oct β†’ bin.
But it succeeds when starting with bin β†’ oct β†’ hex.

Anyway, thx for the quick support.

For those wondering about the two last validators, it seems that if there’s two consecutive spaces then a space should be printed on stdout