[Community Puzzle] Low Resolution: What's The Shape?


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Created by @daifei4321,validated by @Aayush.Curious,@Pableur and @Phate.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Woah, why hasn’t anyone tried this problem?

it has just been released :wink:

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Couldn’t this shape be an ellipsis:
It touches all the edges. What am I missing?

It touches only the left edge and the right edge, and contains an angle, so it is classified as a triangle. It does not touch the top edge and the bottom edge, so it is not classified as an ellipsis.

Thanks, but I still do not understand. I see an ‘X’ in the first row so the shape touches the top edge of the image.

True. But then there is still the angle thing.
Also it is probably better for the statement to clarify that the four corners of an ellipsis should not touch the edge.