[Community Puzzle] Lunar Lockout

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Created by @oolivierr,validated by @Konstant,@pluieciel and @Baptistin.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Consider this one


This could be the official answer: AD AR XU

Yes it can achieve the target.
But I think it can be better.

Sometimes a little sacrifice can bring a more efficient result.
I’m not sure if it is really banned (or why banned) in the puzzle. But the best solution could have been:



My interpretation is that rule 2 bans such a solution. The reason(s) for that rule will be left for the puzzle author to provide.

Regardless of Rule2 is reasonable or not, the main issue is that all current test cases and validators do not test whether this rule is followed. My no-sacrifice code can pass. My sacrifice-allowed code can pass too.

Sacrifice is a strategy in many chess and games. I feel it is a better design to embrace this extra strategy than forbidding it.

As the puzzle has been published it won’t be desirable to change the rules now. The author is free to determine the rules, and the players are also free to comment on them and even vote down the puzzle if they want.

However, a stated rule not being covered by any test cases and validators is an issue. I have left a comment on the contribution to request the author to follow up.


Thanks your response. U’re always so cool.

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Ok, I saw the messages. I will add the example of the statement as a test. Thank you for this feedback.