[Community Puzzle] Maze /w teleporters and jumps

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Created by @PenguinPero,validated by @Remi,@coolman14321 and @Rafarafa.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Oh my god another one


Sorry, I approved that one after seeing that it already has two approvals but you are right in that here are quite some similar puzzles. Maybe I should have waited for more feedback mm…

I also thought ‘another BFS…’ before doing it but there was a kind of twist with the fact that teleportation and jumps ‘cost’ nothing and you can make jump combos, it’s no big deal but at least it makes it a bit different.

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I approved the puzzle because there are new things compared to other mazes.

Ok there are a lot of bfs puzzle … but there also are a lot of bots where mcts are necessary and sufficient to become legend, and a lot of puzzle based on ascii art … I’m sure we can find other examples and I don’t think BFS is the most boring.

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In one validator, there are two U’s but no u.
Moreover, the validators are often harder than the tests, for example, I had to debug cases like #U-E#S_>_>_u# that I did not see in the tests.

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should probably state that S and U will not be teleporters either…

Nobody has problem with validator #2 ?
Edit : Hooo… I finded why, but I second “nicola”, the validators are little bit more complex that play tests.