[Community puzzle] Micro Assembly

This topic is about the puzzle Micro Assembly.

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This challenge made me realize I needed to brush up on how variables in my language could reference other variables. Thanks, weekly challenge!

Very nice puzzle. Did it in F#, it’s a great exercise to practice functional programming, because it lends itself very well to the functional approach (discriminated unions, records, immutable state, recursive “main loop”…)

Next step is to make it “golfed”.
I tried it on Python.

Very interesting puzzle!
I miss the goto statement in C when handling the JNE instruction. I am using java without this facility. Have to use more complicated ways to jump here and there in the flow.

By now, I pass the MOV, ADD and SUB test. But with the validator I only pass the SUB ??

I first think that my functions where not efficient enough but I coded them the same way, especially ADD and SUB !

If someone has an idea ?


Fun stuff. Seems like I could do it in a far easier way but hey, it’s readable and works haha