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Created by @CoolandonRS,validated by @FlorianD33,@chris.steele and @Edjy.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I think that there are a bit too few concepts that are not completely developed here.

  1. You say “add a cell”, this should maybe be changed to “add a new type of cell”, because you use the term “cell” as both a type of cell and as the count of total cells.

  2. You say the “power” is the strength of the cell, it doesn’t tell the player anything new, this can be misleading in my opinion, as it is a lot of information but there isn’t anything that is possible to extract from that part of the statement.

  3. You say “[d]uring a cycle, all cells are doubled, after which you follow the scientists instructions”, but this isn’t true. You just say that first, all of the cells already in the vat try to grow and then later on you can describe the procedure by which cells grow. i.e. If there is room, cells will grow by doubling.

  4. This is similar to 3., but the competition between different named cells is very hard to understand. For example, what happens if there are less than enough empty cells for the desired growth? OR, what if you have lets say 5 different cells each with power = 1 and n=5 cells (so thats 25 count, the confusion of the language used in the description is in full display here I’d say) and you have another cell with power = 1 and n = 225 cells (assuming max = 250), then how would that work?? Can a higher power cell take count from cells without enough count to fulfill those growth desires? There’s just so much underdeveloped logic… :frowning:

  5. Your output says that you may have next “cycles” lines, but this is not always the case. You should instead have “however many lines” or something like that as it is not accurate as it is written currently.

  6. You say that the “conflict” space gets divided evenly with floor division, what if there is an odd number of empty spaces in conflict between two equal power cells? What if there is 1 empty space and two highest power cells?? The vat won’t be exactly full, so they won’t take from lower cells, so how does it get resolved??? Also, why did you only specify that conflict space is divided by floor division but didn’t mention that 1/10th of the desired growth is done by floor division?

  7. You used the term “type” at the end of the problem statement :expressionless: sorry I didn’t get a chance to review these things before this was approved but this has so many issues as it is right now :confused:


I don’t think it is worth fixing, just downvote.


Looking through at the original contribution and feedback, I’m confused how so many people were on board with this. There is so many possibilities that aren’t addressed in the problem statement. There should either be “here are the possible configurations” to make it clear what scenarios will not occur, state that they won’t occur, or describe how they will be addressed. You’re probably right unfortunately. I did a fungus competition model for a paper I worked on a couple of years ago, so a puzzle like this seemed interesting, but its just so lacking.

  1. Two cells, max = 50, cell 1 has 20, cell 2 has 5, then it goes to 40/10 but if cell 1 has 20 and cell 2 has 6, it goes to 32/13??? cell 2 MORE than doubles because they wanted to grow into the same space (assuming cell1/2 have the same power). Come on.

@5DN1L Can i modify the statement of this puzzle ? I don’t understand why it is still like this after many complains. However, it is not mine.

If the changes are minor, please go ahead. If the changes are significant, it is better to consult the author first (although it seems the author isn’t active on CG any more), and any changes made should be mentioned in the comments area in contribution view. Alternatively, just downvote the puzzle to make it deactivated if the statement and/or the puzzle is too bad and beyond repair.

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Thank you for your answer. I’ll just try to make it clearer if i can, it is an interesting puzzle…

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There is no case where two cells type are available candidates to be “eaten”, there is always only one.

… Excepted in the validator “Skip the little ones”.
All tests are 100%, and validator are not, because of this case.

@Razovsky if you are still motivated to correct this puzzle, maybe you can change that ? When several cells type are available candidates to be eaten, choose the first one in the input order.

Spoil : hidden validator

Considering only one cell type was a candidate to be eaten, I chose the one with most cells, so Red instead of Blue

Blue 2 0   => EMPTY 198 Blue 2
cycle      => EMPTY 196 Blue 4
Purple 2 0 => EMPTY 194 Blue 4 Purple 2
cycle      => EMPTY 188 Blue 8 Purple 4
Red 40 0   => EMPTY 148 Blue 8 Purple 4 Red 40
cycle      => EMPTY 96 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 80
Green 80 1 => EMPTY 16 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 80 Green 80
cycle      => EMPTY 0 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 80 Green 96
pause 0 0  => EMPTY 0 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 80 Green 96 pause 0
cycle      => EMPTY 0 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 71 Green 105 /!\ Error, Green eats Red with me instead of Blue
wait 0 0   => EMPTY 0 Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 71 Green 105 pause 0 wait 0

Output :          Blue 16 Purple 8 Red 71 Green 105
Expected result : Blue 7 Purple 8 Red 80 Green 105

Was the problem solved ? All tests are ok but not validators 11 and 12.

I don’t know, I guess not, but your level is more than 29, so you can see the contribution and “test in IDE” and test your code on validators too, to see what is wrong.