[Community Puzzle] Mountain Map Convergence


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Created by @Crypticsy,validated by @Smelty,@AntiSquid and @Husoski.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Test cases 5 and 7 have some unnecessary spaces after the last input value

Not a big deal, but in C# it causes FormatException if you parse it like
var heights = Console.ReadLine().Split().Select(int.Parse).ToList();


It should be fine now.

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This isn’t really related to this puzzle, but does anyone know if there’s any way I can find the code I used to validate this puzzle? It didn’t get moved over when the puzzle went live, and I wanted to see if there was a nicer way to do the “ascii art” output.

The problem has already been raised and it seems that it’s lost forever.
I hope that they change that behaviour some day cause it can be very irritating, here you just lost a script of a few lines but imagine losing hundreds of lines of an expert puzzle…
So right now, the only way is to save your script on your computer before it’s validated.

Okay, thanks. Now I know.