[Community Puzzle] Moves in maze

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Created by @Remi,validated by @Westicles,@b0n5a1 and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

all tests ok, validator 3 is not good. What’s the diffrence with tests 3, please ?
Thx for the puzzle

Send me your code in private, I’ll send back the error.

Hey ^^

Almost same as @RRRoumy but only validator 6 is incorrect. Code by PM too ?

Of course.

In the validator 3, the starting position is on a border, not in test 3. It can be a difference.
For the validator 6, there is no obvious difference with test 6, so i don’t know where can be the bug.


It was a timeout with my PHP code. A bit of optimisation solved the issue. ^^