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Created by @Braxis27,validated by @Klimpergeist,@TBali and @ltklopez.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Sorry but I don’t undersand the logic on test 4.
The three error codes appear, the two last are not conform so should be ignored, concequently the main computer is failing… Or I did get something.

Any one would get explaination on this?


I don’t understand how this puzzle could be approved. The statement is unclear, some rules are not written, it has no interest all. If you ever happen to solve it, please give it one star so that it is promptly dismissed.

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In fact the main computer is broken only if all of the other three parts are broken. Ignored statement do not lead to broken parts.

Some more help :

  • Given that the main computer is broken when all other three parts are broken, you must first analyse the whole list of statements to find if any of those three parts are broken
  • Most of the text is garbage, only the highlighted parts are relevant to the logic of the puzzle (just make sure it’s in something that seems like to be a sentence)
  • Passed the mess that is understanding what is really wanted, this puzzle is in fact very easy, doable with a single extra loop and an handful of ifs (maybe less if we were golfing it)


It doesn’t change any thing to my commnet.
The test seems faulty to me, I means the three parts are broken, it is clearly the case based on the statments so the output should be the main computer. Right ?
I add that this fail is not happening in the validators…
Any clarification if I miss something?


The issue is something not mentioned in the statement, so it’s the puzzle itself that is broken (not the main computer…) and should either be revised or downvoted to be removed.

To downvote, you must either solve it or cheat. What a waste of time …

I though you don’t need to solve to downvote … submit is enough

You’re right. Downvoted …

I think that instead of only looking for REMAINS, DOESNT APPEAR and WRONG LOCATION, the whole report should be considered. As in: only the report ''REMAINS" is considered clutter.
The following dictionary helped pass all texts.
d={'Item REMAINS at teleporter':'DISASSEMBLER','Item DOESNT APPEAR at location':'REASSEMBLER','Item appears at WRONG LOCATION':'LOCATOR'}

NB: this was more of a reverse puzzle for me - I used the output rather than the statement. I’m not sure what to think of that.

A reverse puzzle is acceptable (its quality is another matter), but a puzzle with an ill-defined statement and no intention of being a reverse puzzle is not.

Yeah this made me think: having a reverse puzzle would be nice. I am not aware of any classic in/out reverse puzzles (i.e. blank/nondescriptive statement, having to find out what to do by checking the output) - are there any?
[apologies for going off topic on this conversation]

This one was fun: Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

You must read the outputs to solve it, each one gives you new rules to implement in order to solve the next testcase.

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There’s also Breach.

It’s not entirely off topic, I guess. These other puzzles are useful in the comparison of a reverse puzzle vs a puzzle with an ill-defined statement.