[Community Puzzle] NATO-alphabet's odd uncles

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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @Caduchon,@Eviber and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I just joined, and honestly am not well-versed in code in general, but this was much harder compared to other puzzles marked easy.

This is my first community puzzle, but it seems a level above the official puzzles I have done so far. Have I just been sticking to truly baby-level stuff so far and this really is easy compared to other levels, or is this miscategorized?

I would say it is easy when compared with most puzzles in harder levels.

As a general tip, if you want to see how easy the other puzzles you did were, you can look here:
CG Activity – Puzzles by category (chadok.info)

And click on “Easy”, and sort by success ratio

Re this puzzle specifically: My opinion (as the creator :slight_smile: ), is that it’s kinda tricky. It took me a while to write and solve it.

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One other general tip, if you are just starting, is to do the Clashes (but with no time deadline).

You won’t get Codingame points for that, but it’s a nice (no pressure) approach to work up to “Classic Puzzles”:
CodinGame Clash search

Thank you for the links! They seem really useful!

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I have an issue with this game.
Every tests pass but when I submit, the test 9 fails and I don’t know why.
Can anybody read my code?


Hi olivotu –
Thanks for playing my puzzle. Sure send me your code privately, and I’ll have a look.

I had the same issue as @olivotu all test passed and only the validator 9 failed.

When I copied the alphabets to my code and turned them into arrays of strings I used a quick substitution command to add quotes around the words and my command messed up New-York and X-ray because of the -

Maybe that will help someone in the future.