[Community Puzzle] NATO-alphabet's odd uncles

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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @Caduchon,@Eviber and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I just joined, and honestly am not well-versed in code in general, but this was much harder compared to other puzzles marked easy.

This is my first community puzzle, but it seems a level above the official puzzles I have done so far. Have I just been sticking to truly baby-level stuff so far and this really is easy compared to other levels, or is this miscategorized?

I would say it is easy when compared with most puzzles in harder levels.

As a general tip, if you want to see how easy the other puzzles you did were, you can look here:
CG Activity – Puzzles by category (chadok.info)

And click on “Easy”, and sort by success ratio

Re this puzzle specifically: My opinion (as the creator :slight_smile: ), is that it’s kinda tricky. It took me a while to write and solve it.

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One other general tip, if you are just starting, is to do the Clashes (but with no time deadline).

You won’t get Codingame points for that, but it’s a nice (no pressure) approach to work up to “Classic Puzzles”:
CodinGame Clash search

Thank you for the links! They seem really useful!

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I have an issue with this game.
Every tests pass but when I submit, the test 9 fails and I don’t know why.
Can anybody read my code?


Hi olivotu –
Thanks for playing my puzzle. Sure send me your code privately, and I’ll have a look.

I had the same issue as @olivotu all test passed and only the validator 9 failed.

When I copied the alphabets to my code and turned them into arrays of strings I used a quick substitution command to add quotes around the words and my command messed up New-York and X-ray because of the -

Maybe that will help someone in the future.

Hi !
I have the same issue as @olivotu and @statox : the validator 9 failed.
Is it because I create 4 list with all the value of the 4 NATO alphabet ? Is there too many value in string in the list ?

@Sanquentin it’s unlikely that 4 lists of 26 elements (or even 4 lists of 104 elements, I’m not sure what you do) is too much to handle for any programming language, it’s probably another issue.

In my case it was an issue with New-York which became [..., "New", "York", ...] instead of [..., "New-York", ...] because of a failed copy/paste/substitute operation I did while writing my code.

Sometimes what makes a puzzle hard for me is figuring out the best approach for solving it. My first resolution for this one involved very convoluted comparison as I used nested for loops to iterated through every list comparing each word. Then I was able to figure out a much better solution leveraging set comparison.

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Hi. My solution passes all tests but fails on submit on validator 10 & 13. Any chnace to have details on those 2 validators to work on 100% success?

As a help, I’ll private message you the input for one of those.
If you need more, please tell me

Found the issue, reached 100%. Thank you for help :slightly_smiling_face:

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validator test 7 does not pass and i can’t figure it out. may i have the test case ?

(I sent the input in a private message)

thanks ! extra space removed)