[Community Puzzle] Personal Best

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Created by @dangerworm,validated by @Nagato_Uzumaki,@kayzero and @PiMastah.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I forgot to parse the scores as floats and ended up just comparing them alphabetically, but still managed to get 100%

Kinda minor, but would probably be better if the test cases didn’t allow that


Hi, I am passing all the test cases but when I submit I fail the final test (Multiple Gymnasts, Multiple Categories, Multiple Competitions). Any clue where my bug can be? Must be some edge case that I am missing.

Like in a previous comment, I parsed initially as text (with the same result) but as part of my debugging process I have now changed it so that I parse as float and in the end I convert to integer to output right amount of digits in the string.

I use Python

SOLVED - Found my own bug!
Nice puzzle Thanks

thanks for the awesome information.

Cannot pass this puzzle last validator in C++ to get 100% ? All other validators are OK. Has anyone faced the same problem ?
Thanks in advance