[Community Puzzle] Queneau Numbers


Some testcases are wrong. 15 is not actually a Queneau number, since the sequence has order of 5.
It repeats 3 times in the output, while the definition of a Queneau number states that permutation should consist of a single cycle of length n.


summoning @_CG_VonRickroll


Hmm... You're right. Rather than change the tests, though, I'd recommend changing the description to state "Queneau-like numbers", and to define this as the set of numbers n such that the Queneau-Daniel permutation Qn is of order m, where m is a factor of n. Make sense?

Otherwise we will likely invalidate the more than 200 existent solutions.

  • danBhentschel


magaiti is right and the problem has not been corrected (see also http://oeis.org/A054639).


Aren’t you high-level enough for that?


I added an erratum


@JBM Apparently not (I could farm the levels, but I don’t know which level you have to reach so that does not motivate me much). Anyway I would not modify anything without discussing about it on the forum beforehand.

@Kirbiby Nice correction! Thanks!


My bad.

The level needed to edit approved puzzles, IIRC, is 29.


Ok, well I was only ~400 XP away. Now I’m high-level enough and I can confirm it’s Lvl 29.