[Community Puzzle] Retro Typewriter Art

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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @Westicles,@FredericLocquet and @PewPewBewm.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

The test cases are cool! :+1:


Very cool puzzle, nice drawings!
I wanted 100 testcases to draw more of these :smiley:


Thank you. I would love to tell you I created them all from scratch, but I just used the website listed first in my “Source/references” section and then wrote a program that converts an images to the recipe (i.e., it does the opposite of what the puzzle asks You to do).

There are amazing ones there but just too big for the input and output that Codingame allows.

Thank you for playing :slight_smile:


Fun game. It’s sneaky that the ‘nl’ special code never comes with a number.

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So much fun, thanks @Lisa-Has-Ideas , you are a star :slight_smile:

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Cool easy puzzle, had fun while solving it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Lisa-Has-Ideas,
first of all, I’d like to say, that your retro typewriter art puzzle is really great. :grinning:
Unfortunatly, although all the testcases passes without any problem, I got the result,
that for case 8 I’ve made a mistake. But to be honest, I have no idea what this mistake could be.
Could you therefore please be so kind to send me the validator for case 8?
Thank you in advance.

By the way, I’ve tried to solve the puzzle with regex pattern.

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Send me your code in private, I’ll send back it’s error.

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Hi Chris –

Validator follows. I was encouraged to hide it like this, as a courtesy to others not wanting a “spoiler”


1V 1a 1l 1i 1d 1a 1t 1o 1r nl 1sp 1[ 1] 1[ 1] 1[ 1] 1sp 1/ 2sQ 1bS 1sp 1[ 1] 1[ 1] 1[ 1] nl 2sp 1| 2: 1| 1sp 1/ 4_ 1bS 1sp 1| 2: 1| nl 2sp 1| 1[ 1] 1| 1_ 1| 4: 1| 1_ 1| 1[ 1] 1| nl 2sp 1| 6: 2_ 6: 1| nl 2sp 1| 5: 1/ 2| 1bS 5: 1| nl 2sp 1| 1: 1# 3: 4| 2: 1# 2: 1| nl 2sp 168 nl 3sp 67 2sp 66 nl 1V 1a 1l 1i 1d 1a 1t 1o 1r

Output is

[][][] /’’\ [][][]
|::expressionless: /__\ |::expressionless:
777777 666666

NOTE: The above is probably not that helpful since some things were unhelpfully turned into emojis… so here is an image


Chris –

Let me know if that was helpful to you. If not, perhaps I can give a different hint, or look at your code. Thanks for playing

Chris – Also, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed, and welcome to the world of posting :slight_smile:

Lisa, this is great. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much. I‘ll try to find my mistake.

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It is better to either private message or enclose the validators within spoiler tags (look for Hide Details by clicking the last button on the formatting toolbar) :wink:

Please edit your post. Thanks.

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Thanks. I appreciate the tip and I think I have now done as you suggested :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris - I would be interested to know how you solve the issue.

This was so easy I thought I am doing it all wrong :smiley: The pics in testcases were more fun than the actual coding. Thank you for this nice puzzle :slight_smile:

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When I see the outputs running my code, my eyes got stuck seeing the cool arts :heart_eyes:

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Hi, i am a beginner in Python. I try to code this challenge but i am stuck so i ask for anyone’s help.
So far, i tried to split the string into a list of elements separated by a space and i tried to iterate through each element of the list that contains a number (or several) and a character (or several).
If i am on the right track with this method (spitting the string into a list], how can i tell the computer to print number * character;
otherwise, if i am not on the right track, do you have any tips to get going ?
Many thanks

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See help(str):

 |  __mul__(self, value, /)
 |      Return self*value.

 |  split(self, /, sep=None, maxsplit=-1)
 |      Return a list of the substrings in the string, using sep as the separator string.

Thus, 4*"gu" is "gugugugu" and "gu char map".split() is ["gu","char","map"].

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