[Community Puzzle] Rotating arrows

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Created by @Mortis_666,validated by @Westicles,@ByteWolf1 and @radioctiv.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Hello I don’t understand why my code don’t validate validator 2 and it is not a hardcoding solution could you help me

Look if you are not inverting x and y.


I’m failing Validator 2 and 4 aswell, but can’t find the edge case in my solution. what makes those Validators special?

You may consider generating random cases to test your code.

Try to invert x and y but only for the start position.

Désolé, mais je n’ai absolument rien compris à l’énoncé.
A chaque flèche, je tourne dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre et je passe à la case suivante.
Ensuite je reviens au coordonnées de départ (0,0). J’ai donc fait un tour complet mais le résultat est de 4 !
Parce que si je reviens au départ, je vais tourner indéfiniment, le résultat est donc une boucle infinie et j’obtiens un stack overflow !

Which case are you talking about?

I was considering the example where you turn around.
I miss understood the term “rotation” considering 360° instead of 90°.

I guess you rotate each time clockwise.
You move to the next position.
When you reach the starting point or you exit the grid, then you stop.
You can count the total number of translations which sould be equivalent to the number of 90° rotations.

Yes, you rotate the arrow clockwise by 90° at your current position, follow the direction of the rotated arrow and move to a new position, and repeat the process until you meet a stopping condition.

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Actually, one of the two stopping conditions.

Amended my answer, thanks for pointing out.

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At test cases are 4/4 green, but at validators only 1 pass!
How is this possible?!

Maybe you don’t implement all the rules?

i also have the problem with the validators, can you please give some advice of what should i verify?

Send me your code in private, I’ll send back what’s wrong.

Hi @nicola
I had the problem of the validators N°2 and 4 not validating too.
After seeing your answers here and reading again this puzzle’s statement, i think maybe you should consider amending it ?
Like giving an example with differents x and y values, and/or inverting x and y in the informations of the second line of the data received.
Anyway, thanks for the help given here to the devs =)

I did not write the puzzle and I think that you have to read its statement carefully. :wink: