[Community puzzle] Sandpile Addition

Hey Community! :smiley:

I have a question about the Community Puzzle “Sandpile Addition”.

I’ve solved the puzzle using lists, matrices, if/while loops and a lot of conditional statements.
A completely dynamic piece of code, that can handle all sizes of matrices 57x57 and beyond!

I am somewhat confident, that am satisfying the complete problem description in every way possible.
At least, I couldn’t imagine any situation with sandpile additions, where my code would not be able to handle it, no matter the size or the values of the numbers used in the sandpiles.

But when I submit my code, I get the following message:

The following validators differ from the puzzle test cases to prevent hard coded solutions. This is why you can have some fails here even if all of the tests provided in the IDE have been successfully passed.
Validator 1 [Red]
Validator 2 [Red]
Validator 3 [Red]
Validator 4 [Green]
Validator 5 [Green]
Validator 6 [Red]
Validator 7 [Red]

I simply can’t figure out, why I’m only 29% correct?

My code is 47 lines long and the only two imported packages are sys and math.

What about the IDE testcases, do they all pass?

Try to make some additional testcases yourself and run them locally.

I had a look at the validators. While all test cases are symmetric to the main diagonal,validators aren’t. I bet you should swap x and y. Time to add a new testcase.

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Ah, that would make sense!
Thank you for the fast reply.