[Community Puzzle] Saving Snoopy

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Created by @Timinator,validated by @irmo322,@kayou and @DaNinja.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


I’m trying to solve this puzzle but I’ve found a problem. I use the different tests to test my script and I don’t understand how you can get the third test’s result. In the input data, we can find “#1” character and no rules are given to know what to do with it because this character isn’t in the output. Is there a rule missing ?

Thank you for help.

To get the third test’s result you should get two previous first, those contain the “missing” rules.


I was about to ask if i missed something about # and % ^^ thank you @Uljahn

I would have appreciated to see a rule about reading the previous answer to understand.


I found this puzzle refreshing, the author did a nice job.

In my view it’s good as it is, with the reader having to investigate a bit.

Nice idea to avoid the Yet Another Crypto Puzzle syndrome.

Loved the idea of having further explanations in the testcases, it seemed like having multiple puzzles in one puzzle. Had fun solving this :+1:

What is the effect of %? It’s not explicated in the rules.

The missing rules are in the last test case you passed. You have to read your result.

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Someone once said, “A puzzle is only a puzzle if the puzzler finds it puzzling.” (Confucius maybe?)

The idea to put additional rules in testcases is very nice :slight_smile:

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