[Community Puzzle] Search Race


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Created by @Illedan,validated by @Astrobytes,@struct and @Scarfield.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

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Is there a way to create a custom map for testing?

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No, but it is a good idea. I’ll try to code something tomorrow to add that!

Hmm, this one sounds a bit familiar… :slight_smile:
Is it exactly same physics/rules as CSB, just solo?
(Sorry, could check myself but I am as lazy as a Haskell expression evaluator…)

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Yes, it is CSB, but solo. My own motivation for making this is to have a playground to work with simpler NN for CG.

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Contrary to CSB, the positions are truncated and not rounded to the nearest integer even if the statement says so.


I found this not possible as there is no way to enter custom input for Optimization puzzles.


Some of us aren’t up to real AI and must resort to mere simulation.
We have to know: truncate or round?

Angles are rounded.
Position is truncated
Speed is truncated.