[Community Puzzle] Sentence Tokenising

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Created by @MattDESTROYER,validated by @Aesmerol,@FredericLocquet and @jordan_codingame.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Deleted for having a low rating, but you can still solve it here:

Could we learn from the past - why this puzzle got a low rating?

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Just my two cents. I did not try to solve the puzzle because it felt really unattractive: once parsing is done (and this is usually a very boring task), there is not much left to do

I did not do it either.

The puzzle tells people how to split a string and then where to swap two sub-strings and where to delete something.
Programmers have no choice but to follow the instructions, which is boring.
Ideally, a puzzle should not have these low-level details of data structure and step-by-step data processing procedures. Give some free space for programmers to innovate.