[Community Puzzle] Shadow Casting

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Created by @manychois,validated by @davilla,@Alex-1 and @jeedayy.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I didn’t see a test or a validator that contains the minus character.

Hmm, my solution fail on the last test case, but passes validation…

The last test case has backticks in it.

yeah, well, not i don’t have to think about it in my solution. not good (or is it? should a shadow cast any shadow?)

Hello there, I just passed all the test cases but the final validator just give me 75% of success because only the very first validator (horizontal line) fail. However, I’ve got actually no clue of what is wrong with my code… How I’m supposed to handle this?


Name of the test is kind of a clue, but it’s possible that your code doesn’t handle empty line correctly.
First validator looks similar to this:



Expected answer:

(new line)

The formatting is not perfect, but I think you should get the point :slight_smile:


My brain’s broken now. :brain:
Not used to do that kind of challenges.
But very satisfying to see all the beautiful ASCII in the end. :star_struck: