[Community Puzzle] Simple safecracking

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In my opinion this problem has 3 parts:

  • figuring out how the encryption works
  • finding a decryption strategy
  • coding the thing

Would it be as fun if there was only the last part? :wink:


What is special about the validator 2? All my test cases and the other validators running fine. Do I have to be flexible with white spaces or line endings? The format in the test cases looks very strict.

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I don’t know
Could you please explain how to find the decryption code?
I think the given input should be arranged in a particular pattern, based on the given output. But I could not figure out how to find the pattern!!

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Being careful is a good strategy. Assume nothing. I didn’t have any trouble with any of the validation tests on this one, but I have run into problems on other puzzles.

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Google ‘simple decryption strategy’. There are numerous articles out there on the web on this subject.


Hi, i am stuck on validators… All tests are passing, Validator 2,3,4 are passing but Validator 1 is failing…
Any hints? :slight_smile:


Are you handling the names of ALL the digits?

@Dogwon thnx for hint, but that isn’t problem. I am handling all digits…all 10 of them.

Le codage utilisé est simple, mais pas évident à deviner pour ceux dont l’Anglais n’est pas la langue maternelle.

Yes, I can imagine it would be very difficult. Perhaps you could rewrite the puzzle so it uses a French phrase. Then we could see if any English speakers could solve it.

How do I find the key?
I tried to use the difference between the first character from the message and the letter ‘T’ but that is not working.

“How do I find the key ?” is precisely the purpose of this puzzle, so nobody will answers that, and what the interest if you don’t find it yourself ? :wink: