[Community Puzzle] Snake

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Created by @Dr_Meyss,validated by @FE40536,@Devonor and @The_Goat_2000.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Very nice, love it :slight_smile:

How to do more than 6M ?

I try to minimize a path in the first round like in travelling salesman problem, then I use A* to travel from one predetermined node to the next

A pleasant surprise to find this one on the optimization tab today. Loved it.


The initial positions occupied by the snake are 10;10 11;10 12;10 13;10 & 14;10 I don’t think having a rabbit being placed in any of these positions should be a thing as it doesn’t make sense that a rabbit could be there at the same time as the snake.

Skip them !!! at first turn , if there are some rabbits !!! :smiley:
It’s what you have observed or a supposition ?

It’s not a supposition, it’s an observation.