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Created by @TBali,validated by @Brainslug,@Di_Masta and @jrke.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Please, what’s the code for check 16?
The test pass ok.

Hi. It is a CG puzzle solution, similar in complexity to IDE TEST 16, but a different one (actually, it is my solution this puzzle…).
If you pass all IDE tests and fail only on VALIDATOR 16, than I can send the input and expected output in private message. Then you can use it to debug your code in IDE using it as “CUSTOM” test case. As a last resort, you can also look at the code itself, but that can spoil the challenge, try to avoid it…

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you should check what happen with your code when you have a double quote surrounded by single quotes (there is the case in the validator 16, but nowhere else).

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Yes, unfortunately Test 09 only tests against the opposite, i.e. single quote within double quotes… But I don’t dare changing test cases, the puzzle is out for too long time.

Thank you all so much

Can someone with lv29+ take a look at validator #16 and tell me what is it that /(['"])(?:\\.|[^"\\])+?\1/gm (JS) can catch but /(['"])(?:\\.|(?!\1)[^\\])+?\1/gm can’t? I removed all comments and collapsed every sequence of whitespaces into a single space beforehand.

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Yes not easy to understand what is wrong with validator 16 so this is the " ’ " and ’ " ’ …