[Community Puzzle] Space Maze


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Created by @eulerscheZahl,validated by @anon79996792 and @RaulButuc.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I enjoyed this challenge! Great job on the interesting puzzles.
I still need to fix performance or a bug to get above 66% reliably.
Does CG have a limit on memory that causes timeouts?

The constraints are 1s of CPU time and 768MB of RAM.
I don’t know your approach, but for me the time constraint was much harder. You can copy the program input (print it to stderr) and try the testcases which you fail offline.

This is most likely the hardest puzzle I’ve managed to solve on Codingame. I loved it. I’ll leave some small tips for those who would like to give it a go:

  • You will want to optimize your code heavily as the time constraint is really strict.
  • I advise using C# since all available solutions are written in it (there’s one Go solution as well) - you’ll be able to maximize learning potential this way.
  • Prepare your enviroment and take your time to ensure it’s all setup in a pleasant way - take your time to prepare it for available tests and continuously try to improve upon your solution.
  • Start simple - once you have something working (even if it’s extremely slow) you will be able to iterate and try out different ideas - those most likely will prove very important.
  • Think of ways to cache your results and perform least operations you can.

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks @eulerscheZahl for this gem. Think I’ll try to solve it multiple times after I rest a bit :slight_smile:


They are also fun to solve manually, if you aren’t quite up to getting a program to work. I knocked them all out in one sitting.


I found it a bit too easy :upside_down_face:

Now seriously, it was a fair challenge. Pity that it doesn’t have more attempts from the community.

Interesting. I got 100% of the validators, but can’t quite squeak by on test case 22.

Thank you for the challenge, it was very fun!
I implemented my solution 2 years ago but never got to beat test case 22. Today i remembered about the challenge and went back to improve it until i completed it 100% (…although sometimes it crashes and i’m not sure why)!
There is still a bunch of room for improvement, but so far it’s been very interesting and fun both regarding code optimization and general problem/puzzle solving algorithms. I look forward to checking out the other players’ solutions and improving mine.
Sorry for reviving this very old thread, but c’mon this puzzle deserves more love!

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Hello MuddySneakers, I have the same result !
it seems that the testcase 22 is only doable by sending one platform in the space. If your solver avoid this kind of behaviour : no soluce for testcase 22 !

No platforms are sent to the space: https://www.codingame.com/replay/732675384

Is it just me or the first thing that comes to the mind is “…Sokoban?..” ?