[Community Puzzle] Space Shooter

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Created by @Manwi23,validated by @NicolasAlmerge,@VoxMortem and @_ron.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

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Hi everyone!

I am a co-author of the game and the author of the idea, nice to see it is gaining some popularity :slight_smile:

The code is available here: https://github.com/MichalOp/game-space-shooter

Feel free to ping me or @Manwi23 if you have any questions.


Thanks and congrats for contributing this game. Interesting idea, and leaves room to try out several tactics. The leaderboard seems to be still in its infancy as I submitted the dumbest bot ever and was very surprised to see it climbing to the #4 spot… I haven’t even used IDDQD :slight_smile: I suspect my bot will not remain at that high rank for long…

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How do I get the position of the enemy ship? position_x and position_y only give me the position of the bullet. I know I can see the ships position with my cursor, but that’s what the script is there for

The default code reads the information about all the units in a loop, but doesn’t do anything with it, so the position_x and position_y will just contain information about the last unit in the input (which probably happens to be a bullet in your case). You probably need to add code to the loop to store the information about the units for later use.


Hi, thanx for this game which is very fun.
I had a simple question concerning the physics. Here was my experiment :

But I just guessed it : my Ship is aiming the other ship, and then the velocity shot is a bit Y negative.
May be next leagues with an army of Ships soon ?